Work at an ESI dispensary is far more relaxing than that in a similiar hospital of the Health service department. Our clientele comprises cashew workers employed in shelling, segregating, and weighing cashewnuts in a host of factories located in and around Karunagapally and Sasthankotta. Most of their chief complaints are similiar. The main ailments include Low backache, shoulder stiffness, allergic wheezing, which can be crudely classified as Occupational diseases.

We rarely have emergency cases. There are two shifts from 8am-1pm and 1pm-6pm, with poor turnout for the afternoon shift.

Getting to the hospital by train is easy. If one needs to reach the hospital before 8am, one can board the Nagercoil-Mangalore Parasuram express (alias “Day express”) which starts from Trivandrum Central railway station at 6am. If one needs to go just a little bit later, one can board the Sabari express which runs from Trivandrum central to Hyderabad, which starts out from Trivandrum at 07:15. Then there is the 08:05 Kanyakumari-Mumbai CST (Jayanthi express) which starts departs Trivandrum at 08:05. The latter two do not have a stop at Sasthancotta, and I make do by alighting at Kollam junction and then boarding either the 08:45 or 10:05 MEMU (Mainline Electrical Multiple Units) train which run from Kollam to Ernakulam (Cochin), via Alappey ¬†and¬†Kottayam.

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