It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. Life’s been busy. Joining for DLO has been a difficult choice, but when looked upon retrospectively, has been a sane and unregretted decision. A private medical college and a diploma had been far from my aspirations post MBBS, but it was necessary to break the cycle of studying for postgraduate entrance and the pitfalls of gloomy poring on the aftermath. At some point, one needs to take a break from the mundanity. And that’s why I chose to opt for a subject which wasnt among my top choices for a postgraduate career.

The college itself is good, the department full of topnotch faculty, and my confrères quite tolerable. There is the frequent altercations regarding work but such instances occur in any workplace. Each setting has its share of trouble. If you’re in a private hospital, there are the occasional run-ins with management, and needing to toe the line regarding their unethical policies. A private medical college run by a multibillionaire has its own share of issues. Our department has been without an operating microscope and an endoscope for months, and the management seem hardly bothered by a need to provide these essentials.

Two years seem hardly enough time to learn a trade, and it’s likely that the better part of experience is yet to come, from actually practising what one learns.

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