Yesterday I attended IMA’s Medical Millenium conference at Kovalam. It was a much hyped event conducted at Hotel Udayasamudra and Hotel Samudra, two reputed resorts at Kovalam from 7-9 November 2014.

After participating in the KENTCON 2014 conference at Perinthalmanna, what struck me immediately was the lack of hospitality on the part of the organizers. In short, the humane touch was lacking in this event organized by doctors from Trivandrum. Maybe it’s a reflection on the much talked about decline in empathy among present day doctors.


Reaching the venue at 9:15 am, I had to spend half an hour getting a parking spot at the venue. There was such a parking mess. The organizers had clearly put no thoughts into parking arrangements.

After registering, I tried to enter the Food court for breakfast. I was stopped by three organizing commitee members blocking the way to the menu. They informed me curtly that “Breakfast was over”. On enquiring the reason, I was told that they had announced over the mic that breakfast would be over by 10 am. I looked at my watch. It was 10:04 a.m.

Feeling that this was taking efficiency a bit too extremely I went to the IMA helpdesk to vent my ire. Three helpdesk commitee members were basking in comfy chairs. After waiting half a minute to get their attention with more than a couple of “Excuse me sir”s, finally I tried to explain to them that I had reached the venue well in time, and the reason for being apparently late for breakfast was because I had to wait for the reception commitee members to provide my reception package. However my plea fell on deaf ears. The sheer callosity of the helpdesk members was appalling. It was in stark contrast to the organizers of KENTCON 2014 at Perinthalmanna, where there was a universal warmth in attitude towards guests, from organizers.

On trying to enter the inagration ceremony, like many others before me, I found that it was impossible to enter the tiny hall with a seating capacity of around 500. How 5000 people could be expected to squeeze into that tiny hall is best left to your imagination. I’m sure the organizers weren’t expecting the Russian circus.


The food provided in the banquet was also nothing to write home about. There was a distinct lack of variety. For an event that was touted to host 5000 doctors from across the country, it was too unappealing to the palate.

Maybe the Medical Millenium organizers should look to their Northern siblings and learn how to organize events. Shame on such a shoddy performance!

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