Medical insurance by private companies is a farce. Take the example of Star Health’s Star Wedding Gift and Star Comprehensive Insurance which specifically covers pregnancy related hospitalisation expenses.

The terms under this policy are hilarious.

1. You can take the policy for a pregnant woman, but the delivery will be covered only after 3 years. I’m sure that Star Health is quite aware that the average period of gestation for a human female is 9 months.
The specific term is “A waiting period of 36 months of continuous coverage under this policy with Star will apply.”. How exactly do they want the carrying lady to wait?
2. Delivery and New-Born Cover: (Maximum 2 deliveries)
3. For the second claim for delivery expenses a waiting of 24 months will apply.

So, if a couple decides to take this policy, they would effectively be letting Star Health dictate when exactly they wish to have the baby.
All of the other Star Health policies exclude pregnancy relates expenses from its coverage.
IRDA should be doing its job of regulating such ridiculous terms by these companies. It would be much better if such a policy weren’t offered at all.

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