ESI Dispensary, Mynagapally

Mynagapally is an idyllic location, far from the bustle of the city. It’s on the way from Karunagapally to Sasthankotta, and nearer to the latter. The institution is hardly 2 km from the Sasthankotta railway station. My schedule has been regularized more or less. In the morning, I board the Cape-Mumbai express (Commonly known as […]

Joined Health Service

Mynagapally. 1 September, 2012 Today I joined service in Kerala State Insurance Medical Services department as Asst Insurance Medical Officer. After visiting the Regional Deputy Director’s office in Kollam (Polayathode), I visited the institution where I will be working for the better part of possibly the next three years. It’s an idyllic location. One might […]

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – A brief summary

In a witnessed cardiac arrest, the most important determinant of a person’s survival is prompt Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). — For unresponsive victims of all ages with likely asphyxial arrest (eg, drowning) the lone healthcare provider should deliver about 5 cycles (about 2 minutes) of CPR before leaving the victim to telephone the emergency response number and get the AED. […]

Essential medicine kit for the Indian Traveller

Travelling to some remote village in India? Or just travelling and wish to be careful than sorry? Here’s some of the essential medicines that I stock up on, and usually carry in my personal medicine kit. Most of these are available over the counter without a prescription. Paracetamol 650mg 30 Nos Cetirizine 15 Nos Rantac 150mg […]

>Hassles of Owning a car in Kerala

>We were to get a new Tata Nano which we’d booked right after the launch ceremony. Since we weren’t included in the first list of ‘allotees’, we had to wait for more than a year to get our car. Having initially booked a ‘Champagne Gold BSIII’ model, we later changed it to Yellow color after […]

>To cast away prosperity for silent honor?

> When we finish school, there are a lot of career options. Many would have decided on a career choice in lower classes itself. There is the ubiquitous choice of trying to be a doctor or engineer, there are lesser trodden paths of lawyers, journalists, and various others. But what is the thought that runs […]

>Two Off days

> Though I had two days off from work, I couldn’t really read up as much as I wanted. Time seems too short nowadays. There was a time when I could just sit and read as much as I wanted. But now, with daily work, there seems to be a lot of distractions. Even days […]

>The Memory lost forever

>Remember my older posts when whatever I wrote seemed to be speculative? Oh well, speculation happens when I’m moved by something. And since I’ve generally been busy living the life dictated by the odd turn of turns which saw me become a doctor (Sometimes I really wonder when I really decided I wanted to be […]

>An Ounce of Respect

> Some people visit hospitals just for making trouble. There are days of rural service when one actually feels like one is doing a service. Of course, most of us Compulsory Rural Service docs feel like CRS is a necessary evil, there are those who stop it midway to pursue PG entrance preparations (I was […]

>Does Online privacy exist?

> The news associated with Blackberry service in India, UAE and Saudi Arabia that has made recent headlines doesn’t seem to have made too many people worried. Of course, Blackberry users are worried, but how come not too many have taken in the bigger picture out there? Blackberry is being banned in UAE and Saudi […]