Flipkart.com – Losing its footing in the e-commerce sector?

Update: See below for an Update posted on September 14, 2014 Flipkart.com used to be a market leader in the e-retailing industry. Once upon a time Flipkart used to be synonymous with quality service and trust. However in recent months, Flipkart seems to have become a commercial venture which has lost track of quality service and has […]

Indian railway tatkal booking

The Tatkal scheme of Indian railways is an option which allows customers to book a ticket a day before the actual journey, buy paying a premium price, after normal seats are exhausted. Previously Tatkal booking online used to be possible from 8am three days prior to journey. But recently Tatkal booking has been changed to allow […]


Tomorrow, it’s general elections in Kerala. Since our college had decided not to grant a public holiday, I’ll have to exercise my fundamental right late evening tomorrow.


It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. Life’s been busy. Joining for DLO has been a difficult choice, but when looked upon retrospectively, has been a sane and unregretted decision. A private medical college and a diploma had been far from my aspirations post MBBS, but it was necessary to break the […]

Cast iron system

I have to admit that the work at the dispensary is growing on me. Maybe it has to do with outlook. I used to travel to the dispensary with the feeling that I somehow had to be here for a few years, till I could go back to my city, at the next due General […]

Hotel review – UG Grand – Travelguru

Among all the hotels that I’ve ever booked, this is the worst service that I’ve ever had to endure. I have booked the hotel through Travelguru.com and am angry that they could enlist such a hotel in their service. Read on to learn about my experience. Access Hotel UG Grand is just a brisk 10 […]

ESI Dispensary, Mynagapally

Work at an ESI dispensary is far more relaxing than that in a similiar hospital of the Health service department. Our clientele comprises cashew workers employed in shelling, segregating, and weighing cashewnuts in a host of factories located in and around Karunagapally and Sasthankotta. Most of their chief complaints are similiar. The main ailments include […]

How to process salary for a Self drawing gazetted officer via SPARK

I submitted my first salary bill to the treasury today. The procedure to be followed is this: First, I had to give an RTC form along with a copy of the posting order to the treasury. They then provided a Specimen signature card, in which I had to make three different signatures in front of […]

A critical review of the best Indian Shopping sites

As an early adopter of the Internet, I’ve been “in the loop” on the dawn and metamorphosis of e-shopping in India. From being portals hazarded only by technophiles, e-shopping has rapidly undergone a major evolution in terms of adoption by shopaholics and deal hunters. One of the major benefits, especially for citizens of the non […]