>Love at first sight

>Yesterday, on my way to my hospital, I decided to take a short cut. I ended up losing my way altogether.

The road from Peroorkada to Tholicode meanders through a volley of hills, and passes through Nedumangadu. There is a lesser known road which goes through Nedumangad Town, a road which I’d been avoiding because of traffic snarls in the town. I’d returned a couple of times by that route,  but never before, taken it on the way to the hospital.  Since Saturdays aren’t usually busy in my hospital, I decided to give it a try.

The road
The shortcut is supposed to be 2.5 kilometres shorter than the regular road. So I was surprised when at the end of half an hour of drive, I found that the dash speedo was showing 4 km more than the calculated distance, with my target nowhere in sight. If truth be told, I hadn’t seen a single main diversion on my way. But guess I must have missed one of the smaller, more devious ones. Anyway,when I stopped at a wayside eatery and enquired on the road to me destination, I was petrified on hearing that I had about 20 kilometres more to go. The total distance from my home to the hospital is 30km, and I had already traversed 12 km when I decided on teh shortcut. Now, apparently, I had somehow managed to distance myself in the farthest possible direction! 

I got directions and proceeded at a slower pace. Two or three kilometres later, the road narrowed to a dirt trail with small streams on the side with crude bridges atop, made of felled trees. After a turn, the view in front was stunning. Huge mountains garlanded with cumulus clouds glistened in the rain, and the road in front was seperated from them by a deep abyss. The amazing thing about this was that I’ve often visited so-called Tourist destinations for enjoying Nature in its fête. But this, so close to home surpassed any other in beauty. And unbelievably, this still was Trivandrum district.
Scenery 2
I took a couple of photos. Being late for OP, I couldnt spend much time there. But I will go back and revisit. Such is the magnetism of Love at first sight!

Update: Next day, I got the fortune of following a VSSC bus along the same (or not) shortcut. To my consternation, I found that the turn I’d missed was the first turn after entering Nedumangad town! I’d gone straight ahead. If only I’d been humble enough to stop and ask.. But I guess if I had, I would have never discovered this tiny paradise. All it lacks is a shimmering lake flowing in the midst of the hills.

I take the shortcut daily now, and have not got lost again. But I didn’t get the pleasure of getting lost again too. Why couldn’t I have got lost when I had enough time on my hands? We go about seeking leisure trips. We plan elaborately. Yet, it’s those unplanned forays into the unknown that satisfy us. Such is Life. It gives us what we hadn’t hoped for, and often hides from us, that which we strived for!

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