>To cast away prosperity for silent honor?


When we finish school, there are a lot of career options. Many would have decided on a career choice in lower classes itself. There is the ubiquitous choice of trying to be a doctor or engineer, there are lesser trodden paths of lawyers, journalists, and various others. But what is the thought that runs through our minds when we choose a career. Needless to say, for most of us, it is a desire to earn money, a good social standing and have social security, a.k.a get ‘settled’ in life. But who chooses one of the finest professions, and decides to change lives and save the lives of people  hitherto uncared for, even at the cost of social isolation and no monetary remuneration? Some people do. We know people do because we know them by revered names or call them saints.

The story of the doctor couple Regi George and Lalitha has been acclaimed in many newspapers and magazines in India. I came to read of the story in a recent edition of the India Today and was moved. The story is that the couple sought out one of the poorest and backward tribal areas of Tamil Nadu searching for the place with the worst health statistics and transformed the population and healthcare over the years. They looked after the isolated and forsaken tribal people who had no access to modern healthcare and were at the mercy of ritualism, black magic and quacks, and cared for them by practicing Modern Medicine there.

They had to establish a hospital, and live with minimal resources. Initially they had to deal with the mistrust the tribal people had towards outsiders too. But as they saved lives, word spread and now their hospital has a heavy OP and attends to most of the labor cases. Infant mortality scales have been radically changed, and today Healthcare in the tribal village of Sittilingi, in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu is on par with the rest of the developed world.

It is not often that one can take such a big decision in life, forego a prosperous life in favor of a life wrought with hardships just for the sake of caring for people. What makes them different? What makes them decide to sacrifice their lives for others? What makes these normal people from ordinary circumstances godly? One decision to live a life of humility and service? How many have the courage and nobility to take that decision?

You can read about some of the stories reported about Regi and Lalitha here (Courtesy: Ashok’s Blog) :

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