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Though I had two days off from work, I couldn’t really read up as much as I wanted. Time seems too short nowadays. There was a time when I could just sit and read as much as I wanted. But now, with daily work, there seems to be a lot of distractions. Even days without work seem to flash past like those momentary scenes from a moving train.

I had a terrible experience with Kulathunkal Motors in Trivandrum, one of the two dealers of Tata Nano in Trivandrum. They had initially promised to give us the vehicle of our chosen color. But following full payment, they tried to cheat us into accepting the car they had in stock. It took a complaint to the Head of Nano Group and the Corporate Head of Tata Motors to solve the issue. Sales representatives over there seem to be of the opinion that the customer is supposed to be trodden upon. When talks with the rep failed, I asked to talk to the Manager. He wouldn’t give me the number.In addition, he tried to persuade me to accept that I was being difficult. Unfortunately for him, I record all transactional phone calls. One of the advantages of a smartphone is that one can record every phone call received without any hint of tracing.

Of course you could argue that I was being paranoid. And I may contest the argument by saying that I’ve got a great intuition, and did definitely have an inkling that something of this sort might happen. Anyway a stitch in time saves nine. Not a very apt proverb, yet I can’t think of any other! 😉

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