>Since all my posts are a distillation of random thoughts, nay, correct that to a ravel of dishevelled mentation, I won’t write a title just yet..it ought to settle in at the end..

Anyway what to jot down, um…patter away? Medicine is over, and so almost, is Surgery (Good lord, I don’t even know if that phrase is right!). I’ve also left behind, postings in four specialities (ENT, Ophthal, Ortho and Dermatology). Internship is the time when we’re supposed to get hit by that supreme revelation, isn’t it? Whew, I wasn’t at all thinking about the Buddha path! The speciality to choose, silly! I’ve still not decided, apparently. I still don’t know what I’d ‘shine’ best in, to choose the colloquial. But one thing is damn certain..It most certainly won’t be Ortho, that’s one subject I absolutely detest! I’ve heard it said that the teacher is the one who influences you the most..I have nothing against any (well, correct that to most) of the teachers, but the point is that during internship in Ortho, there wasn’t much teaching…I may have something to do with it, maybe I’d already decided I wanted to hate the subject.

Don’t take me in the wrong sense..I wasn’t any bad at studying the subject in my UG days (Golly, did I really say that? My UG days?? What am I now?? 😉 ) but, the subtle difference between studying theory and loving the practical ‘doing’ side of a subject is the same between a Paedocypris and a Balaenoptera musculus (um…er..Nopes I am not a nerd! I googled it just like you did just now, if you are not as lazy as me! There’s a contradiction there, if you note, but I’ll leave it for the present…. Anyway the point is one is the smallest fish, and the other, the largest, not a fish, but nevertheless…). And there is of course the matter of breaking the bones of my arm as a kid, which was treated by casting without even the milodest sedative…it was the most pain I’ve tolerated physically.. Anyway, case in point, the gist of the issue is that I’m now a die-hard Ortho hater…There’s a strong likeness between Orthopaedicians and carpenters..both deal with similar tools, if you notice it, but carpenters are probably more delicate in their handicraft…Anyway, I think this post is starting to look like an Ortho hate page…So I’ll veer astern! To be brief, I hate and would never take up Ortho, and there the matter lies, at the bottom of the rolling ocean.

Surgery maybe? Nopes..I thought I liked it after my ‘stitches’ were admired in the Labor room by my seniors. But …….. (to be continued when I have more time at my leisure..)

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